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Your Local member, federal and state: This matter is both state and federal as VET FEE HELP is federal but mos tof the funding going to unscruplulous providers is State money. As governments have talked of budget crisis millions of dollars have flowed to these providers whilst vulnerable people have been exploited into huge debt further trapping them in poverty and inflicting shame on them.

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VET FEE HELP or Tool of Disparity?

As the implementation of Smart and Skilled draws closer more stories surface about outrageous schemes mstly target low socio econimic areas where people are signing up to do diplomas and double diplomas taking on VET FEE HELP debt that poses yet another barier to thier escape from poverty.

Below is a sample of one qualification to give an indication of the range of packages offered with pricing for now and propsoed Smart and Skilled pricing.

Diploma of Management

Provider Preferred Entry with: Cost 2014 Cost 2015 Support Inducements Withdrawal
TAFE Preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification include: - BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management or other relevant qualification/s - with vocational experience but without formal supervision or management qualification. Examples of indicative job roles for based upon vocational experience include: - Coordinator - Leading Hand - Supervisor - Team Leader This breadth of expertise would equate to the competencies required to undertake this qualification. $757 over 6mths or $1514 over year $2,510 with entitlement - $2,820 no entitlement Teachers, face to face, blended, workplace and online delivery, learner support, disability support, language and literacy support, libraries, counselling Expert support and proven high standard Complete and submit withdrawal application form before census date.
Captain Cook College

Discussion and verbal agreement you are able to complete the course

$13,000 $2,510 with entitlement - $2,820 no entitlement Face to face online delivery, trainiers and lunch Laptop and iPad on completion

Formally withdraw before the published Census Date of each Unit of Study

EVOCCA Induction session with agreement you are able to complete the course $15,000 $2,510 with entitlement - $2,820 no entitlement Face to face or online delivery, tutors and facilitators Ipads or laptops No information
Unique International College Information session and agreement to enrol. Students may enter the Diploma of Management without any set pre-requisites. Student must be 16 years and over $22,000 plus cost of text books and photocopying. $2,510 with entitlement - $2,820 no entitlement Orientation, online or face to face delivery, a computer lab, counselling Laptop, $500 and $200 spotters fee for signing up students. Written withdrawal by census date with return of $500 cash and laptop.
Australis College There are no entry requirements for this qualification $10,500 $2,510 with entitlement - $2,820 no entitlement Online, blended or mixed mode delivery, trainers and careers advice   No information